Body Repairs and Panel Beating 

We specialise in all sorts of vehicle body repairs. From cosmetic and accident damage to structural and rust repairs. We will work with almost any car, motorcycle, light truck, trailer and camper van.


Our shop is equipped with superior panel and paint technology including the latest Car-O-Liner chassis straightening machine and measuring system, latest welding equipment, quality crash repair equipment and latest dust free bake oven to provide factory quality finish.

Quality Paint and Re-Spray

In order to provide the best possible results, we use only the top quality paint and materials from factory suppliers. We take great care to ensure that the paint we use is suitable for New Zealand conditions and UV radiation. There is almost an infinite variety of colours and types of finishes from glossy to metallic and flat. 


The other major component to achieve quality finish is professional equipment. In our shop we have an allocated bake oven, insulated painting room, high-tech latest spray guns and mixing technology. 

Headlight Reconditioning

If your lights appear foggy and yellow you are compromising your night vision and safety.

We use special process to recondition the headlights and restore their original look.

Rim Paint

Do you want to match up the colours of your rims with the colour of your car? Or just annoyed by the scratches on your wheels? We specialise in spraying rims.

Wheel Arches

If your new tires are rubbing on the arches, we have a special service to extended the clearance of the wheel arches. This usually allows to fit wider tires and aftermarket rims.

Bumper Repairs

We are the specialists in repair of fiberglass and plastic bumpers and panels for almost any make and model. 

Bonus Service

On your request we can run a basic check of your vehicle including the battery check, tire pressure check and fluids top up.